Focus: Relburn is focused on the identification, development and commercialization of drugs that favorably alter the regulation of metabolism. We strive to maximize value through excellence in performance and innovation, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and leadership. Relburn is committed to developing innovative products to better the lives of people with chronic metabolic disorders. The Company’s lead program is in chronic gout and inflammation.


Core Expertise: The principals of our Company have extensive experience in discovering new drugs, optimizing lead compounds, pulling these leads to IND-ready FDA submissions and into clinical development from Phase 0 through Phase 4. Generally, we expect to take our candidates through completion of randomized trials.


Core Interest: We focus on identifying drug prototypes or compound families that have already been tested in patients but have not been targeted or optimized for treatment of metabolic diseases with unmet needs. These conditions imply extended treatment, and prior demonstration of patient safety is a paramount consideration. We then narrow metabolic pathways to those that offer multiple “drugable” targets for our discovery chemistry program. Such “proof-of-concept” reduces risk, identifies clinical markets of interest, and clarifies regulatory approval pathways.